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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Freshmen -- Steinbeck Style Episode Opening

The room was a perfect square.  Inside, the walls were washed with a light yellow color that expressed its purity and calmness.  The floor was covered with a cream colored carpet that gave the room an even brighter, softer presence.  The back wall had windows all across it covered with shutters as open as they could be, with sunlight beaming in, while the others were covered with posters, pictures and furniture painted white.  Against one of the walls was a twin bed, made up with hand knitted blankets, a turquoise comforter and warm, comfy pillows with Hawaiian flowers on them.  A desk stood, cluttered with work, photos, jewelry and clothes.  A silver laptop lay upon it with papers and books piled on top of it.  It’s been a hectic couple of days.  Dusty medals and trophies stood proudly on the top of the desk where they are looked upon day by day but hardly noticed.  Ceiling to floor mirrors decorated with pictures along the edges of friends and family reflected the room’s appearance to make it look larger and more open.  It could have gone on forever, but then it was opened to a small, dark closet full of clothes, shoes and a hope chest filled with possessions near to the heart.  Many mementos had been collected over the years and stored in that hope chest, which makes it special indeed.  Footsteps were heard by the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was patiently just sitting there without making a peep, waiting.  The doorknob turned and a gust of wind was felt as it swung open.  A tall girl rushed through the door and collapsed on the bed.  The light of a 60 watt light bulb brightened the room a bit more as it was slowing becoming dark and cold outside.  Her eyes were droopy but her body was still.  Suddenly, she jumped up, rushed out responding to the voice of her mom calling for dinner.  The room remained still and calm, just waiting for the girl to return.


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